Wellness Programs

Silver Star Animal Hospital is there for any animal at any age. We know that taking on a young animal and even an older animal can be costly. Silver Star Animal Hospital aims to help their clients by easing the burden of the cost by setting up wellness programs that lay out a timeline of necessary health treatments over the course of your pet’s life. This helps insure that undiagnosed illnesses and illnesses due to lack of vaccination and preventative medication are kept to a minimum for you and your pet.

Young: Your young pet will be put on a regular schedule of vaccinations and boosters as well as a timeline of when preventative medicine for fleas, ticks and heartworms needs to be administered. Young pets will have several visits over the course of their first year of life.

Adult: Your adult pet should be fairly healthy in their middle years as long as all vaccinations and preventative medicines are given. Silver Star Animal Hospital located in Orlando, Florida will help remind you of appointments and refills on prescriptions.

Senior Adult: Your older pet will start to suffer from age-related illnesses such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, blindness, hip dysplasia, diabetes and other various ailments. Silver Star Animal Hospital will help you ease the cost of treatment by outlining a treatment plan that will keep your pet in a great quality of life.